BALLINGER POLICE…Working hard to make Ballinger safe!

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As small of a town Ballinger is, we experience a lot of traffic from all directions! The BPD have been working diligently to stop as much narcotics distribution and trafficking in our hometown. Here’s what’s been happening between late April and early May:

12.7 grams – Xanax equaled to approximately 40 pills and must be prescribed.
8.1 grams – Methamphetamine
20.98 oz. of Marijuana
1,048.9 grams of THC oils and waxes (tetrahydrocannabinol)

Street value differs from area to area but approximately $400,000 worth of narcotics were taken off of Ballinger streets and the State of Texas!

The above were all seized from local residents as well as out-of-towners. Every person associated with the above infractions were arrested and transported to the Runnels County Jail. All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

We will keep you posted as much as possible on happenings in our town, regarding keeping all of us safe in our homes!


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THIS JUST IN! Shortly after our post of the drugs seized in the last week, BPD Officers strikes again and surpassed the amount in one single night! Tonight 1,364.3 grams of THC was seized, totaling the officers’ efforts at 2,413.2 grams in less than a week!

To educate Ballinger citizens, here are the penalties for THC:
<1G is State Jail Felony
1G<4G is 3rd Degree Felony
4G<400G is 2nd Degree Felony
400G and over is Enhanced 1st Degree

Again, Ballinger Police Officers protecting our citizens!

Take a look at the following!


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