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With a New Animal Control comes a new Philosophy!

Julie Parsons joined our team in March of 2017, and with her she brings 14+ years of Animal Control experience. We are actively finding new homes for the animals with the help of several adoption agencies around the World.

We operate a Trap- Neuter-Release (TNR) program to control the population of feral cats within the City limits of Ballinger. When we catch feral cats, they are transported to the Runnels County Vet Clinic where they are spayed/ neutered and given rabies shots whenever it is available. After 2 days the cat is released back to areas of need to help with vector control. A TNR feral cat will have a notch in one of its ears. Why?  You may ask; is because feral cats help with controlling other small rodents in the City.  They help control snakes, rats, mice and other small rodents wandering around the alleys. 

The Ballinger Animal Shelter is always looking for donations. From supporting the TNR program with Tax Deductible contributions of funds, foods, supplies, volunteerism, to fostering an animal until a Forever Home is found.

Animal Control Officer – Julie Parsons

(325) 365-3591

308 S. 7th St.

Ballinger, TX 76821

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